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Experience football like never before with AXXS

AXXS the social
sports game

Initial question

“In about 4 weeks we have a opportunity to pitch our product idea to Manchester United. The only problem: there is basically nothing yet. We only have this game changing idea in our head.”

The sollution

We created a brand, investor pitch and product prototype in about a month. The idea was successfully pitched to leading soccer clubs like Manchester United. This helped the AXXS team raise a significant amount of funding to realise their new way of experiencing sports games.

After that, we build upon that basis. Together we organised workshops in which we co-created and discovered the full extent of the concept. We created a complete MVP-ready prototype and backlog. We also created a comprehensive design system, including a brand book, that allowed the team to experiment rapidly with new functionality.


Bringing the future of personal shopping to life with Lokka

Transforming retail

Initial question

“We want to help local retailers do what they do best: advise their customers personally. Can you help us make this a reality?”

The sollution

We assisted the Lokka team by developing their brand name, visual identity, investor pitch and app design. Our efforts paid off as the first investor pitch resulted in successfully raising funds to bring the personal shopping assistant concept to life.

Working closely with the Lokka team, we fleshed out the concept and created the UX and visual design for the Lokka App while it was being developed. We also established a comprehensive design system and brand book that enabled the team to continue refining the brand and product based on user feedback. Lokka now started established connections between hundreds of local shops and potential buyers.


Serious games that bring heritage and science to new audiences.

Royal Dutch Library
digital innovation

Initial question

“How can we let new target groups discover digitalised heritage and the thrills of science?”

The sollution

We partnered with experts, youth, and teachers in Design Sprints to create multiple concepts. We focused on exploring how serious gaming could engage young audiences with digital heritage. This led to the creation of the successful that already reached a worldwide audience of over 100.000 people.

Currently, we are developing MedievalMe, a serious game that encourages students to work together and research medieval handwriting using mobile phones and AR/VR. The game was enhanced through pupil and teacher involvement in a Design Sprint. MedievalMe aims to introduce young people to the excitement of scientific research. The game challenges students to collaborate across disciplines such as book science, art history, and biology to solve puzzles. The expected release date is September 2023.

Bring ideas to life

Serious Gaming with Medieval Heritage

Doyle Studio gets NWO funding to develop MedievalMe: a serious game with AR, which will introduce high school students to different scientific disciplines.

Reinventing Mortage Advisory for Dias

We reinvented the consumer portal for insurance and mortgage advisors. The consumers start their journey from their couches while advisors deliver the best on- and offline experience.

Powerful Vulnerable: a New Identity for Sparkle14

Check out the distinctive new identity and brand vision we created for Sparkle14. You are sure to get sparkles in your eyes from this 14-carat gold jewellery brand.


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We are on a mission to discover how digital innovation makes life more valuable and enjoyable. With us, you get a track record of success at Dutch award-winning digital agencies.

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